Down to the Sea

In mid-July 2013, about 1/2 year before my illness & accident, my brother invited me to his home in Connecticut. I would be there during my birthday, & most likely he & I would go for a sail on Thora.


As you recall, Thora is the Tahiti ketch built by my parents, & launched a year before I was.

Since the deaths of my parents in Autumn 1984, my brother has kept & cared for Thora. On the other hand, I haven’t been on a sail in since then, so I was looking forward to the chance to spend some time aboard.

Sure enough, on the morning of 22 July we set out for the harbor & my brother rowed us from the dock to Thora’s mooring aboard Pinch Bottle II, the lapstraked sailing dinghy that he built a few years ago.


We got the engine started, cast off the mooring lines, & headed out through the narrow harbor mouth into Long Island sound. We hove to long enough to hoist the sails, get under way, & kill the iron breeze. The pleasure of the relative silence of going under sail rather than power is extreme.


We set a southerly course across Long Island Sound, heading from the Connecticut shore toward The north shore of Long Island.


I recorded the trip on my Nikon camera, then edited it in iMovie on my iBook – the last project I completed. I posted it on my YouTube channel, but now am posting it here as well.

I hope you enjoyed the sail!