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Meet the Killies

I recently presented a Youtube video in one of my posts that featured my African cichlids. I’ve created a new Youtube video, this time about another group of fish I’ve started keeping – some killifish.

Killies are a large group of small, minnow-like fish, that are found throughout North & South America, sougthern Europe, a large part of Africa, & parts of Asia. Some are relatively plain, like the Mummichog, which lives along the Atlantic coast of the U.S.

There are hundreds of far more colorful species found in tropical locations, such as the Bluefin Notho, which is native to East Africa.

The killies that I’m currently raising, the only ones locally available, are known variously as Striped Panchax or Golden Wonder Killifish. They originally were native to India & Sri Lanka, but the Golden Wonder variety has been bred by fanciers.

This video is an introduction. As the killies grow, & perhaps propagate, I’ll be posting followup videos. I also plan to get further species, starting with the Flagfish killie, a species of pupfish found in Florida, & named for its color scheme, reminiscent of the U.S. flag.

For now, I invite you to Meet the Killies.